Spaghetti and Meatballs Podcast

Hello and welcome to our very first Canyon View Dining podcast! Today we’re pleased to introduce our latest menu item, Spicy Italian Meatballs!  We make them from 100% organic grass-fed beef, and baste them in our own special blend of spices guaranteed to make them the BEST meatballs you’ve ever tasted. As if that wasn’t enticing enough to bring you up the canyon for dinner, for the rest of the month, we’re giving away a free desert when you give them a try – I promise – you won’t be sorry!

Nutrition Information

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Fine Dining Special: Zesty Italian Meatballs

Have you never tried our Zesty Italian Meatballs? If you haven’t, you’re missing out!!! These spicy & succulent delicacies will make your mouth water for more! Designed especially for our restaurant, we use only 100% lean, organic beef and… For a limited time (which happens to be the rest of the month), try these babies out and enjoy a free desert – if you can force yourself to save any room for it! Simply mention this web special to your server when asked if you’d like to see the desert menu.

The instant you install WordPress, you have a fully functional website – all you need to do is add content and choose a design. I feel that it is extremely important to plan out your content first then see what design works best for you.

This video will show you how to add the FIRST kind of content, called PAGES, then we’ll explain POSTS in the next video, and in video seven, we’ll change our design by applying a new THEME – so don’t worry if the site looks— different than what you want.

I’m using this free WordPress theme to keep things REALLY simple as we start out.

Before I show you how to create pages, take a minute to think about what kind of STATIC content you want on your site. By static, I mean content that doesn’t change much – that’s the kind of information we use Pages for.

What pages does your business need? A services and pricing page, perhaps? Maybe a “contact us” or “about us” page?

Ask yourself what the PURPOSE of your site is— do you want to— provide information about your business? Will you show off or sell your products?

And finally, who is your audience and what content should you add to draw them to your site? Look around at similar websites to get ideas of what to include on yours.

As long as we’re talking about using images on your website, I should warn you about a few common pitfalls.

First, image FORMATS. JPEG and PNG are the most common formats for the internet – JPEG works well with photos, and PNG is a good choice for line art with crisp edges, and for logos.

Also be aware of image size and compression for the fastest and best-looking results.

If your site features lots of images and you’d like to display them in fancy ways, then you’ll want to install an image gallery plugin, which I’ll explain in the the Plugins video.

See how easy it is to create with WordPress? You never need to worry about making mistakes, because if you ever want to make changes—